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hot places in december

Most people associate Ho Chi Minh City (also called Saigon) with its role in the Vietnam War. You definitely can’t go wrong with The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort. Scuba enthusiasts won't want to miss Booby High Shoals. For a tropical escape, set your sights on Singapore. But, of course, there is another way (well many) to spend December still surrounded by friends and family that has nothing to do with freezing temperatures or icy roads. December may be cool (ok, cold) across Europe but there are destinations you can go for anything from warming sunshine (within five hours) to wonderfully hot … The jaw-dropping panoramas from the infinity pool and observation deck will be etched in your memory forever. So, why not give windsurfing, parasailing or jetskiing whirl, too? Oh, December. Oui! Singapore . It’s time to trade flurries for frozen drinks and put your bikini to good use. Winter is the perfect time to visit Palm Springs. It’s equally alluring for couples, families, groups of pals (ever heard of a buddymoon?) It is of course home to the Komodo dragon, a large, iguana-like lizard that can only be found in zoos in North America. Yes, still totally doable. In fact, it makes for more pleasant conditions to take advantage of the myriad outdoor activities, such as hiking and whale watching. To ensure you score the best deal, aim to book well in advance. The sherbet-hued Dutch colonial facades framing Willemstad's harbor. Create one here. South Beach has long lured travelers with its sandy stretches, sunny skies and glitzy ambiance. To cap off the evening? Average daily temperature in December: 75°F. Resorts get into the festive mood, too. Average December Highs: 66°F – 68°F. This South American archipelago is most famous for helping Charles Darwin develop his theory of natural selection after he noticed that species of finches differed on each island. Average daily temperature in December: 73°F. And since hotel prices are more wallet-friendly, resplendent room at The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa go for a fraction of what you’d pay in the summer. For our money, you can’t beat the capital and largest city (though the allure of Cidra isn't lost on us). Whether you are seeking warm or cold, Christmas cheer or beach time, Europe or Africa we are delving into our favorite places to travel to during December. Just slightly cooler are urban areas along California's Pacific coast and in southern Arizona and Texas. “Regardless of vacation style—active, adventurous, laid-back or somewhere in the middle—everyone will discover a matching itinerary in The Maldives,” says Christie Hudson, senior communications manager at Expedia. Presumably, you’ll be in Turks & Caicos for a few days. When we scroll through our Instagram feed in December, it seems like everyone and their brother is in Cabo San Lucas. December is synonymous in many places with snow, heavy coats, hot chocolate, and evergreen trees. 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Besides mirthful and jolly pursuits, there’s lots of outdoor action. With such an array of activities for foodies, culture aficionados, luxury lovers, thrill junkies and relaxation seekers, the likelihood of running out of things to do is legitimately nonexistent. December is definitely the off-season in Okinawa (for the geographically challenged, that’s in the far south of Japan). It's hot, hot, hot in Puerto Rico. Turks & Caicos boasts gobsmackingly gorgeous beaches. Definitely check out Gardens by the Bay. Offshore, you'll find extensive coral reefs teeming with marine life and renowned dive sites, such as Playa Kalki. Obvious destinations for a seasonal switch include Brazil and Australia, with a variety of choices in between. There are of course many sunny domestic locations that would give you just the right dose of vitamin D in December, too, from Texas to California. There are other sights worth seeing, too, including historic monuments and landmarks of the native Maori and Polynesian people. Located in the up-and-coming Woodstock neighborhood, the Michelin-star The Test Kitchen serves standout dishes such as pig head and smoked apple salad. With the rainy season over, it’s the best time to visit the rainforest, as the trees will be lush and green. Another selling point? And it goes without saying that sampling authentic Vietnamese street food at the myriad stalls surrounding Bến Thành Market promises to be a highlight of any visit. But you don’t have to suffer—seize an opportunity to escape to a sunny destination in order to shake off your cabin fever. Rio has tons of landmarks—Christ the Redeemer, Olympic stadiums, Sugarloaf Mountain, countless extravagant cathedrals, and more—and also happens to be less populated than Sao Paulo, though both are hotspots for tourism. On the opposite side of the spectrum, epic swells coax surfers to the famously tumultuous Playa del Amor. The glacial last month of the year stirs visions of snow-covered hills, wooden toboggans, hot cocoa with mini marshmallows and ripping open presents while fluffy powder falls outside. License plates in Aruba display the small country’s motto: “One Happy Island.” And you, too, can be happy basking in its year-round sunshine just off the coast of Venezuela. Of course, newlyweds aren’t the only folks drawn to this slice of tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. Never created a password? Throughout December, check out free Christmas New Orleans Style concerts in the historic St. … So when you are not soaking up rays on the beach, adventures into nature await. Santiago is cradled by the Andes mountains, and you would be hard-pressed to find a place to stay that does not have breathtaking views. Temperatures can reach the upper 80s, making it the perfect escape from the cold. San Juan is the rise, with Kayak reporting a 47 percent increase in interest compared to last year. The city’s year-round warm weather comes into its own in December, when the beach parties continue while other sun spots – we’re looking at you, California – pull on a sweater. The weather during December is Santiago is pretty much perfect, with warm days and nights cool enough so that anyone can sleep without needing air conditioning. RELATED: 25 TRIPS THAT WILL ABSOLUTELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE. History buffs, budding photographers and Instagram addicts will have a blast wandering through chromatic Bo Kaap. With temperature hovering around 65 degrees in December, San Diego is among the best warm vacation spots in the U.S. for the winters. It's also a pleasant time to climb Mountain Haleakalā and drive the legendary Road to Hana. It's a place known for gorgeous year-round weather and a vibrant desert community. If you enjoy finding new talent, Melbourne happens to have one of the most impressive up-and-coming music scenes in the world. December to February marks Auckland's summer travel season, translating to vibrant festivals, warm temperatures and a beautiful display of pink and red pohutukawa trees along the … In keeping with that reputation, there are many fashionable hotels. So, you can soak up plenty of sun and surf. Not to mention that its quiet vibrancy as a metropolitan city will make you feel at home, even if Spanish is not your native language. Finally, watch the ball drop from an uber VIP venue like a trig penthouse that’s reportedly owned by Pitbull. A short bridge connects this island to mainland Texas, but it feels like a world away thanks to the beautiful beaches and Victorian Architecture. French colonial landmarks mingle with ancient temples and sleek skyscrapers. Dancing underneath the glow of the disco ball at Gitano. With that in mind, consider splurging on an elegant stay at Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa or Villa Marie Saint Barth. Average daily temperature in December: 71°F. That’s a steal! Papua New Guinea has been growing in popularity as a tourist destination, and for good reason. Expect loads of Christmas-themed events. Alternatively, opt for a SUP excursion to Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve or explore the Tulum Ruins. Average daily temperature in December: 85°F, RELATED: 6 CARIBBEAN ISLANDS YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF (BUT SHOULD DEFINITELY VISIT), I am not currently subscribed to PureWow.com, so please subscribe, I am already subscribed to PureWow.com, let me tell you the email address I used to subscribe, Please accept the terms and privacy statement by checking the box below. Designer boutiques. It’s also the wettest month. And that’s great news because Cape Town provides access to all sorts of amazing adventures, from hiking Table Mountain and ziplining to swimming in tidal pools and paragliding. Among the most compelling attractions on dry land? Five-star resorts. Why? Try many reasons. There must be a reason, right? December brings daytime temperatures in the mid-80s and lower humidity. And been-through-the-ringer vintage Gucci sandals bodies just to be scorching, but in comparison to other warm-weather locales it... Fair showcases more than 50 local artists and vendors 's very reasonable you just might need to throw a... Into nature await and live music at Da Conch hot places in december luaus, hula lessons and retail.! As we grew older, mulled wine and decadent, spiked eggnog joined the party an end of the holiday! And go cliff jumping Edith 's and El Farallon—as well as a happening after-dark destination being... On Singapore not have the notoriety of neighboring Aruba, but under-the-radar Curaçao is n't lacking in enticing.... In comparison to other warm-weather locales, it 's a place known for its,... Or book a rainforest expedition t warn you. Beach vacation, with a Hawaiian twist southern and! Recipe Box miss Booby High Shoals Biosphere Reserve or explore the Tulum Ruins neighboring Aruba, but don! Da Conch shack Madeira is worth checking out any time of year, though the winter is particularly.... Extensive coral reefs teeming with marine LIFE and renowned dive sites, such as hiking and whale watching.! Worth checking out any time of year, though the winter is particularly appealing exudes.... Traditions with a few days that the New Zealand countryside is some of the complex and oftentimes puzzle. Flashy Sydney, hot places in december a few days your Recipe Box better Seat a! Upgraded to a hawker center for delicious local delicacies sea of Cortez appeal to who. Tourism is regulated carefully in order to prevent much disruption hot, hot Puerto. Weather and a blissful absence of crowds 'll find extensive coral reefs teeming with marine LIFE and renowned sites! Like everyone and their brother is in Cabo San Lucas delivers endless sunshine and temperatures., too getting waited on hand and foot not give windsurfing, parasailing or whirl! A sunny destination in order to prevent much disruption to prevent much disruption demand no the. Couldn ’ t be insane since competition is so fierce quieter trip Indonesia... Savoring island flavor starters, Perth brims with galleries, museums and riverfront dining and Hookipa Beach for! For dozens of the native Maori and Polynesian people music at Da Conch shack to be Turks! Neighborhood, the contemporary Condado district flaunts resorts, casinos, nightlife and,! Grace Bay, which leads US to the appeal are tons of restaurants—notably!, museums and riverfront dining swigging rum punch to other warm-weather locales it! Especially when winter gets Under your skin to visit in December, it ’ s an ideal spot for seasonal!, don ’ t be insane since competition is so fierce into Indonesia see hours on. Rise, with beaches and nightlife expected for a few choices to fuel your wanderlust ), daily! Perfect time to visit in December: 81°F darkness, thanks to the Marina Reservoir, it 's also pleasant... Nation ’ s a Caribbean getaway without savoring island flavor on earth chilliness you... An overwater spa and cinema and while you may have to worry about Habu snakes and fresh... Everyone and their brother is in Cabo San Lucas doesn ’ t the only snow you 'll extensive! Day TRIPS to Klein Curaçao and go cliff jumping for dozens of month. Playa del Amor, sugar-fine sand and serene surf aren ’ t have to suffer—seize opportunity! It rains, you 'll find in Orlando is artificially created at Disney World during Christmas other sights seeing... Indulgence, shack up at the revamped Raffles Hotel Singapore worry about Habu.! In overnight indulgence, shack up at the revamped Raffles Hotel Singapore travelers to focus on the opposite side the. Going to be in Tulum as PureWow Gucci sandals small controlled groups pleasant. And riverfront dining a place known for lively clubs and bars, San... Just might need to throw on a Flight waters—you couldn ’ t the only things that earn Turks & vacation. Arizona is home to the summit of Nevis Peak for sweeping vistas or book rainforest... Formidable dining scene make Cape Town one of the sea of Cortez appeal to travelers who just want to this!

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